BMW 335i Window Tinting

BMW window tinting at Tint Magic Coral Springs

BMW 335i window tinting at Tint Magic Coral Springs

BMW 335i window tinting at Tint Magic Coral Springs, before and after. Call us for a free consultation! 954-840-7883.

At one time the gold standard of sports sedans, recently the 3-series has lost a bit of its shine. While it offers a wide range of powertrains (including a hybrid and a diesel) with manual or automatic transmissions and comfortable yet driver-focused interiors, the 3-series lacks the pleasing tactility of previous generations. Available as a sedan or wagon and with rear- or all-wheel drive, the 3-series is still on our short list of recommended rides. For more power, see the M4.

Styling? Nein, the long-established proportions are still engagingly familiar and among the more attractive in the class. Interiors? Nein again. The current 3-series is the roomiest yet, and the supple support of the leather-covered Sport seats in our test car ($1450 with Dakota Coral red upholstery) would be hard for anyone to resist. Even the iDrive system, long a target for criticism, has evolved to the point of usefulness to even the most dedicated of Luddites.

The nagging area of discontent is dynamics.This does not apply to the powertrain. BMW’s superb 3.0-liter turbo straight-six churns up a manly helping of torque that peaks just north of idle, and max horsepower comes on at 5800 rpm. The six emits seductively determined noises when pressed, particularly in Sport mode, and the only way to induce any lagging or lugging is to engage a high gear at low rpm. However, this isn’t possible with the eight-speed Steptronic automatic operating in full auto mode—it instantly matches the proper gear to engine rpm, and its responses in manual mode are vigorou


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