Cadillac CTS at Tint Magic Window Tinting

Cadillac CTS Window Tinting at Tint Magic Window Tint Coral Springs

Cadillac CTS at Tint Magic Window Tinting

Cadillac CTS at Tint Magic Window Tinting. We have applied Platinum Package 18% all over around the windows for a heat rejection up to 56%. Call us for the best high quality window film with lifetime warranty (954) 840-7883. Find us: We are located at 11344 Wiles Road Coral Springs, Fl 33076.

Cadillac CTS:

Cadillac says fuel-economy savings of five percent are possible when you combine the stop-start technology also added this year with the eight-speed’s wide overall ratio and slightly taller top gear. More important, the quicker first-gear ratio of 4.62:1 (versus 4.06:1) will help drivers “start off more confidently, with a greater feeling of immediate performance.” Undaunted by puffery that sounds like a pull quote from a Viagra ad, we tested a new CTS to validate these claims.

A one-to-one comparison between old and new wasn’t possible, as the 2016 CTS 2.0T tested here had all-wheel drive and the 2014 2.0T we tested was rear-drive. It’s worth pointing out that the cars proved to be nearly identical on the skidpad, however, with the 2014 pulling 0.83 g versus the 2016’s 0.84. In terms of braking, the 2014 required 164 feet to stop from 70 mph against the 2016’s 177 feet, the difference likely due to the 185-pound weight advantage of the rear-drive 2014, with perhaps a small hat tip to its Pirelli P Zero Nero rubber. (The 2016 also was shod with Pirellis, but they were Cinturato all-season run-flats.)


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