Infinity G35 Window Tinting

Infinity G35 at Tint Magic Coral Springs

Infinity G35 Window Tinting at Tint Magic Coral Springs

It’s no secret that creating a new car whose visual and visceral appeals hit enough buyer sweet spots to make it a winner is chapter one in the great book of designer challenges. Not so well known, though, is chapter two: the follow-up. When the debutante gets rave reviews, whaddya do for the encore in four years? A major makeover? Or just the automotive equivalent of a little more eye shadow and a few sequins.

BMW has faced this challenge with its 3-series sedans for decades, responding each time with a cautious evolutionary styling update augmented by significant engineering improvements. It’s an approach that obviously works – for BMW. The 3-series is the benchmark in the entry luxury-sports-sedan segment, with 15 consecutive appearances on the Car and Driver 10Best Cars list to underscore its preeminence.

But can this policy work for a newcomer? Has the second-gen G35 got the chops to keep pace with the fifth-gen Bimmer? The short answer is a definite maybe.

History: The G35 was an unknown quantity when it made its appearance in mid-2002 as an ’03 model – an eager rear-drive sports sedan replacing the I35, a badge-job version of the front-drive Nissan Maxima. Suddenly, Infiniti was a real contender in a game that has belonged almost exclusively to players from Germany, particularly those hailing from Bavaria. The real exclamation point came when a G35 prevailed in a seven-car sports-sedan shootout that included – ta-da! – a BMW

Infinity G35 Window Tinting at Tint Magic Window Tint Coral Springs, we applied 35%  on the two front windows and 18% on the back windows, legal colors in Florida, before and after pictures.


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