Mazda 6 Window Tint

Mazda 6 Tint magic Window Tint Coral Springs

Mazda 6 Window Tint at Tint Magic Window Tinting Coral Springs

It’s pretty much impossible to talk about car design without sounding pretentious. This is probably the main reason professional car designers tend to wear turtleneck sweaters and space-age eyewear and jackets with too many buttons (or, occasionally, none at all); a uniform of mild ridiculousness to match this vocation of affected divination. So when Mazda 6 tells us that “Kodo” design language represents the muscular beauty of an animal pouncing, or that it takes its inspiration from the living athletic forms of nature, our first instinct—if we can manage not to snicker—is to smile and nod politely. Yes. Sure. It’s a fine-looking car—can we leave it at that? Mazda 6 is that rare beast, a car that looks like it drives and drives like it looks: taut, agile, and, yes, athletic. In a world where car design is often nothing more than bending metal around a set of platform-derived hard points and then thinking up some zingy metaphors, the 6 stands out as the real thing. All the more impressive is that Mazda has pulled off the form-and-function double with a mid-size sedan.

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