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Tint Magic Porsche 928 Window Tint

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The old man would spin in his grave if he saw what they’re passing off as a Porsche these days,” raved the gas-station atten­dant. “They’ve lost the original concept. Where’s the rear engine? Where’s the air cooling?” Our rebuttal, emphasizing the performance virtues of the 1985-model 928S, failed to sway the man’s thinking one iota. To the pump jockey and to many en­thusiasts, the only real Porsches are those that perpetuate the design themes of the original 356 model, a car born nearly 40 years ago.

That’s a shame, because the good doctor would doubtless be proud of this new 928S. Ferdinand Porsche believed that a sports car must offer transportation superi­or to a regular sedan’s, and this doctrine is a cornerstone of the firm that bears his name today. Sports cars necessarily have smaller payloads than sedans, but for this reason they can be more fuel-efficient and be designed for higher speeds. And, unlike our federal government, Porsche has al­ways understood that, in transportation, faster is better. Jet aircraft have replaced ocean liners and trains for long-distance travel; people drive cars instead of riding bicycles; and even bicycles are faster than they used to be. Faster transportation, sim­ply put, is better transportation.

By the speediness criterion, the 1985 Porsche 928S is a substantial improvement over its predecessor. Top speed is up 10 mph, to 154. Our five-speed test car rocket­ed from a standing start to 60 mph in 5.7 seconds and hit 100 mph less than eight seconds later; the old car required 6.2 and 17.8 seconds, respectively. And the new model burned through the standing quar­ter-mile in 14.0 seconds at 102 mph, com­pared with 14.7 seconds at 94 mph for last year’s 928. We also tested the automatic version, and its performance is similarly improved. The automatic’s 0-to-60 and quarter-mile times now match those of last year’s five-speed, and its top speed is up 10 mph, to 152.

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