Paint Protection Film

Protect your car paint with Paint Protection Film!
Tesla Model Y PPF at Tint Magic

Tesla Model Y PPF at Tint Magic

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Mercedes Benz E 350 at Tint Magic Paint Protection Film

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Porsche Cayman at Tint Magic Window Tintng serving Coral Springs, Parkland, Tamarac, Coconut Creek, Deerfield Beach, Sunrise, Weston, Lauderhill, Margate

Chevrolet Camaro Paint Protection Film at Tint Magic

Chevrolet Camaro Paint Protection Fil at Tint Magic Window Tinting Coral Springs

Paint Protection Film protects your vehicle from damage caused by rocks, salt, gravel or insects through the application of a thin and virtually invisible urethane.

Your new vehicle is vulnerable to damage the minute you drive it off the lot.Traditional methods of protecting your car’s paint, such as bras and bug shields, can actually cause further damage, are unsightly and obscure the color brilliance you were originally aiming to protect.

Paint Protection Film is the most advanced development in automotive paint finish protection. This nearly undetectable, protective urethane film is designed to resist impact from the everyday damaging road hazards such as gravel, debris, stones, road salt and even insects. PPF fits like a glove on the most chip-prone surfaces, such as the hood, mirrors and bumpers, requires no drilled holes or special fasteners like other protection products. So, while you won’t even notice PPF is there, it will be constantly hard at work helping to protect your vehicle from costly chips, nicks and scratches. Best of all, PPF is backed by a strong, 5-year warranty for Suntek Ultra and 10 years warranty for Suntek Reaction and requires no special maintenance simply clean, wash and wax your vehicle the same way you always have.


– Preserve resale value of your vehicle

-It is virtually invisible and does not alter the aesthetics of your vehicle or factory finish

-Easy maintenance, treat paint protection film the same as your existing vehicle finish

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About Suntek Reaction PPF:

Reaction Paint Protection Film

Scientifically proven, 2-in-1 defense

SunTek Reaction is a completely reinvented product that merges the super hydrophobicity* of ceramic coating with premium, self-healing paint protection film. This advanced two-in-one construction keeps your finish looking like it rarely sees the road, thanks to impressive protective benefits.
Reaction stands up head-on to flying gravel, salt, grit and more. It also has self-healing properties plus a noticeably clear finish with intense gloss and no orange peel appearance. This trailblazing PPF utilizes Eastman Tetrashield™ protective resin system technology, trusted by OEMs for their own finishes.
Reaction is formidable defense against nature’s harshest elements too, with 25% more stain resistance than top brands. Acid rain, bird droppings, tree sap, insects and dirt all wash effortlessly away from Reaction’s slick surface, leaving only envy-inducing shine behind.
*The durability and level of hydrophobic property can be influenced by environmental conditions and other variables beyond Manufacturer’s control (e.g., road treatment chemicals and cleaning substances/frequency).

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