Cadillac ATS coupe 2015

The Cadillac ATS coupe 2015  is the lovely, delightfully adept product of a Hobson’s choice. Luxury-coupe sales are stagnant, yet here comes a new luxury coupe because there are really no alternatives. At least the new ATS coupe is a hottie that’s gratifying to drive.

Here is the backstory: It’s so expensive to engineer a new platform that no company does it for just one mainstream model. After the high-volume sedan is developed, its guts usually get stuffed into another model as quickly and cheaply as possible. That leverages the component set with yet another new product that can reach a different customer, bringing in more sales at relatively little cost.

Don’t mess with Cadillac. Because it plans to jam the 420-hp V6 from its CTS Vsport sedan into the compact ATS in order to make the smaller sedan a genuine V model. This is serious business. The ATS is small and light, so it will haul ass with this much power. And that’s really, really cool.

The problem for Cadillac is that, in the United States where Caddy’s sales are heavily concentrated, sedans are king while all these other potential variants are relative sales duds. None provide any significant volume, and most of these segments, including two-door luxury coupes, are actually in decline as their traditional buyers age and SUVs and crossovers continue their march toward domination.

Still, GM’s luxury-car executive chief engineer Dave Leone told us at the ATS coupe launch in Connecticut that, when faced with the choice of doing a coupe or the likely second option, an ATS wagon, the decision was easy. “Wagons are only popular in three places—Europe, Australia, and in journalists’ driveways.”

Cadillac ATS coupe

Cadillac ATS coupe