Tint Magic Computer Cut Window Tint

Graphtec Plotter

Computer Cut Window Tint Graphtec Plotter

BMW 335I at Tint Magic Computer Cut Window Tinting

BMW 335I at Tint Magic Computer Cut Window Tint

At Tint Magic we use a hi-tech computer cut to pre-cut all patterns of the vehicles and for paint protection film, just let us know the brand, model and year of the car and we will do the magic!

Computer Cut Window Tint is the pattern cutting system that accesses thousands of automotive window tinting patterns, paint protection film patterns, decals, graphics and glass art images. Each template is exact, designed to the specifications of your vehicle’s make, model and year. This breakthrough technology downloads and cuts film patterns, enabling Computer Cut Window Tint dealers to execute quick, accurate and customer-approved window film installations

Your advantages:

It may seem obvious why your dealer would want to use Computer Cut Window Tint, but it benefits you even more. If you value your vehicle you’ll opt for a Computer Cut installation – enjoy peace of mind with every cut.

  • Computer Cut Window Tint Software carefully pre-cuts templates according to established specifications, resulting in sharp, clean lines – every time.
  • Computer Cut Window Tint  prevents unnecessary cutting on your vehicle – since patterns are precisely computer cut, there is no need to hand cut patterns to fit your vehicle’s windows or painted surface.
  • Computer Cut Window Tint delivers consistent quality time and time again. Whether you are tinting your car, protecting you paint’s finish or adding custom design elements to your vehicle and handles each job like a pro.