Tint Magic Coral Springs Enhance Your House With Home Window Tinting



Hurrah! Spring is finally here. It’s when we often take a fresh look at how to make improvements and enhancements at home. It’s time to think about the cooling season and how to get more efficient with our energy use and costs. Window film may be a much greener solution than window replacement. Just think about all the material production, material disposal, transportation, labor and more spent in replacing windows. Oftentimes professionally installed window film can deliver many benefits consumers are seeking when they think about replacing their existing windows. Additionally, professionally installed window film makes most homes more energy efficient in warmer months when home owners are most likely to run air conditioning for long periods of time. By reducing solar heat gain, rooms stay more comfortable and cooling costs are kept to a minimum. To make it even nicer – homeowners can save even more on utility bills when they can comfortably open up the shades and curtains and use day light instead of electric light.

Benefits of Home Window Tinting:

Energy Savings are often great enough to pay for the cost of installation in less than 2 years in commercial buildings, most homes will see a return on investment in 3 to 6 years depending on the type of window film you choose and the actual cost of your installation. Window film, dollar for dollar is the number one way to save on energy. Comfort levels in your home or office are improved by significantly reducing or even eliminating temperature imbalances making you more comfortable.

Efficiency is increased through a more comfortable environment.

Significant fade reduction of carpets, drapes, and upholstery by blocking ultraviolet rays (the major cause of fading) helps preserve your furnishings. (window film does not STOP fading). Anyone claiming this is very misinformed.

Protection of people and property from the hazards of windstorms, hurricanes and earthquakes is enhanced. Glass becomes shatter-resistant and remains in place when broken.

Glare reduction makes lighting control easier and reduces eye strain. Allows you to view your TVs  or computer monitor better as well as your landscaping, pool or simply the outside. Windows were made to see out of and allow light in why not use them for their intended purpose!!!

Tint Magic Home Window Tinting Coral Springs offer a wide range of types of residential window tinting that it conforms to the budget of every household. Call us for a free estimate! (954) 840-7883.