Tesla P85D Window Tinting

Tesla P85D Window Tinting at Tint Magic Window Tinting Coral Springs

Tesla P85D Window Tinting at Tint Magic Window Tinting Coral Springs

Tesla P85D Window Tinting at Tint Magic Window Tinting Coral Springs. We have applied Suntek CXP Nano Carbon Film all over around for the best heat rejection, clarity and lifetime warranty for peeling, bubbling and fading. Call us for the best quality and service! (954) 840-7883. we are located at 11344 Wiles Road Coral Springs Fl 33076.

Tesla P85D:

Not having to wait is a luxury. Saving time is the justification the privileged give for indulging in fractional jet ownership and hiring personal assistants to attend funerals and bar mitzvahs on their behalf. Ideally, the less time you spend doing something unpleasant, the more time you have to do something worthwhile. But it never quite works out that way, or Minute Rice would have ushered in a new age of enlightenment.

From a stop, the one-speed P85D has all of its 686 pound-feet of thrust at the ready. Power delivery is immediate, as in all EVs, but here it’s like driving a sports car in the lowest possible gear with the engine revving right at the torque peak, all the time. It’s shockingly quick. Kick the accelerator and the car jumps ahead on a surge of power. Eye a gap in traffic and you’re there. This is power at the speed of thought—there’s no waiting, no downshifting, and, really, no effort. A clot of Corollas can be dispatched with one quiet leap forward, putting those Toyotas in the only place they look good: the rearview mirror.

The neck-straining pull lessens as speeds increase. Also, our preproduction test car had a known issue that reduced power by about 10 percent at speeds above 60 mph. Instead of reporting lame test results, we’ll wait for a fully baked P85D to verify Tesla’s acceleration claims.

At first, the electric silence seems odd but then it soothes, serving to enhance the driving experience. The cabin calm at 70 mph would make a Lexus engineer envious. Fully goosed, it’s only slightly louder. The big battery pack in the floor acts like a giant lithium-ion mattress and muffles out road noise. Suspension crash barely registers, and even big whacks to the 21-inch wheels are nonviolent confrontations.

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