The Importance of Window Tinting

The Importance of window tinting:

Everybody knows the benefits of tinting the windows of an automobile. The benefits of residential window tinting are lesser known but even more plentiful. Don’t worry – getting the windows of your home professionally tinted won’t make your home darker on the inside or less welcoming on the outside.If you have troublesome glare, expensive HVAC bills or nosy neighbors, however, a simple tint treatment can be a lifesaver! Home window tinting also an effective, affordable alternative to replacement that can make decades’ old glass seem new again. Out of all the many benefits that go along with window tinting, at Tint Magic we’d say these would be the top 5!

  1. Energy Savings

Un-tinted glass could be costing you hundreds of extra dollars on your energy bills each month. Solar-blocking window tint eliminates a high percentage of the sun’s heat which dramatically reduces air conditioning costs. The return on investment alone on a tint project is truly impressive. The specific variety of low-e (low emissivity) tints we use are super energy-efficient.

  1. Comfort

A little extra spending money isn’t all you’ll gain from the temperature-regulating effects of tinted windows. You’ll also enjoy increased comfort day to day and season to season. No more “hot spots” from bright, undeterred sunlight in the summer and no more cold seeping through the glass in the winter either. That’s right – upgrading your windows with tinting helps trap in heat, not just shut it out.

  1. UV Protection

Low-e window tinting stops up to 99% of UV rays from entering your home which is great for your skin as well as your floors and furniture. Ultraviolet is what gives window light its bleaching effect. The clear light that comes through tinted windows can illuminate a space with NO damaging UV.

  1. Clear Views

One of the biggest benefits of residential tinting by far is glare reduction. Tinted windows let in an ideal amount of natural light. Finally you can stop squinting at your window, wishing for heavy curtains or cloudy forecasts. Tinted windows offer crisper, less obstructed views of the outdoors from every angle. They do this by tempering incoming light and minimizing the reflective properties of both sunshine and glass.

  1. Increased Privacy

Last but not least, solar control window tint done right increases privacy, letting you enjoy your view through curtain-less windows without feeling like you’re on display. If all these benefits sound good to you, contact Tint Magic Window Tinting today to learn more about the tinting process!



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