Toyota Corolla Window Tint

Toyota Corolla at Tint Magic Coral Springs

Toyota Corolla window tint at Tint Magic Coral Springs

Small and thrifty don’t always mean dull. After all, rides like the Ford Focus, Mazda 3, and Volkswagen Golf have delivered economy and entertainment in equal measure for years. But the Toyota Corolla has rarely if ever focused on delivering dynamic goodness, even in sportier trims like the S of this test car. Any accolades ladled onto the Corolla have generally involved appliance-like thrift and durability, not passionate roadgoing performance, and that seemingly stands for the 2014 redesign.

What’s “S” Got to Do with It?

At least the new Corolla is more visually exciting than those of the recent past, which goes extra for the S trim. In addition to the scarlet S badges affixed to their posteriors, 2014 S models get a prominent chrome-ringed, piano-black grille and a chrome exhaust tip and can be had with unique 17-inch wheels. (The integrated rear spoiler and fog lamps are shared with the Corolla LE.) Thankfully, the super-cheesy, pseudo-aero exterior extrusions glued to previous Corolla S models were left out of the product plan this time. Thus outfitted, the Corolla, for the first time in years, can be seen from 40 paces as something other than a bland four-wheeled transportation device for the indifferent.

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